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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Gathering of Generations

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Protest at Turkey Consulates & Embassies

Obama and Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Message from a friend in Ukraine: All who want peace in the world, gather for a protest near the Consulates and Embassies of Turkey all over the world to express your thoughts and feelings concerning the downed Russian aircraft. We propose to do this in the coming days. We demand to convict the political leadership of Turkey who are the direct perpetrators of this crime, and their curators from NATO who cover them. I write to you to ask to support this activity.

I strongly agree that there must be a clear message from the international community of peace loving people that what Turkey has done is way beyond bounds.  Turkey's President Erdogan supports fundamentalist Islam and has been enabling ISIS.  The US of course knows this and tries to pretend it wants to destroy ISIS but that is not the case.  Washington wants ISIS to continue to grow in order to take down Syria, Iran and then Russia.

Wake up and smell the coffee folks.  This Turkish take down of the Russian plane is another US-NATO (Turkey is a NATO member) attempt to justify and start a war with Russia.  Now is the time to speak out before the nukes start to fly.

For those who think that war with Russia is not possible I say this - stop thinking rationally and begin to recognize that the US government is controlled not by the citizens but by a criminal syndicate of psychotic corporate operatives.

Take action: You can call the Turkish embassy in the United States at 202-612-6700 and press # 8 for the office of the ambassador.  I just called and was hung up on but got my message delivered before they did.  My bottom line is that Turkey is way out of control and in the wrong on this one.

Get more background here

Trump: "I Was the One"

More bullshit from the leading Republican candidate for president.  His Hollywood inspired campaign seems well coordinated to ensure that the oligarchy's favorite candidate Hillary Clinton will be elected as the US's next president.

Compare and Contrast

Just which government is telling us the truth about Syria and Turkey?

Former General Says Turkey Shootdown was Pre-Planned

The former US general's words speak for themselves.....

Pilger on Western Support for ISIS

Afshin Rattansi goes underground with John Pilger. Award winning journalist and author, Pilger talks about how Washington, London and Paris gave birth to ISIS-Daesh. 

Full Moon Society

The sacred moon
follows one
around our planet

For generations
we've lit our
night fires
and shared our hearts
with Mother Moon

A unifying
each of us
has some
with the shape shifting

once proposed
a huge advert
on the night orb
so we would
never forget
their toxic

Long called
'The poor man's
the wondrous moon
shares its glow
with all,
no charge,
just a bit
of reverence

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Reflections on a Trip and More.....

I got home last night after the long, but uneventful, trip from England to Maine.  It took a train, two planes, a bus and a car to get me from Leeds back to Bath.

I thought I'd share some reflections from the trip and also some thoughts about 'endless war' events currently in the news.

  • The people we met with in Sicily were top of the mark - good organizers, very kind and welcoming.  We ate pasta two meals each day while there and I was in heaven.
  • Two of the No MUOS groups (in Ragusa and Niscemi) have joined the Global Network as affiliate members which is a great thing.  We were impressed with their campaign to shut down the new US space directed communications base in Niscemi.  We asked them to try to get more English language subtitles on protest videos and the like so that more people can learn about their campaign.
  • Dave Webb did a great job lining up my trip around England.  I spoke on three different college campuses and we drove a long way to three different US space warfare downlink/radar installations throughout Britain.  We met many determined activists along the way.
  • Luckily throughout the trip to Sicily and England we did lots of walking which is often hard to do when you are traveling.  
  • Activists in England are very excited about Jeremy Corbyn winning the Labor party chairmanship in recent months.  Corbyn is a long-time Parliament back bencher from London who has been an active leader in the peace movement for years.  The inside story is that the battle for Labor's soul - between the left and the remnants of the Tony Blair crew - has taken on new life as Corbyn reluctantly took his turn to run for chair and unexpectedly this time the public responded wildly which has put life back into all the movements.  The corporate media is attacking Corbyn mercilessly every day and he and his spokespeople have decided only to do live interviews so that their words cannot be cut and pasted into trash stories intended to mislead the public.  Smart idea.
  • Dave and I rode the trains a couple times and the privatization of the once proud British rail system continues to show that the corporations can't and won't deliver important services to the public.  The corporations are not keeping the rail lines in good repair which means the public has to repeatedly bail them out with more funds.  The trains don't run on time and many scheduled routes are changed or cancelled creating much disarray and disapproval from the riders.  
  • The French terrorist event happened just as we were moving from Sicily to England.  When I, and others, heard about a terrorist 'passport' being found (coincidentally just like on 9/11 in New York) we didn't buy the story.  While I have no evidence to support this - I do believe that the French terror event was another of the Gladio-style false flag events that continue to be used by the western capitalist governments to promote war and the loss of our freedoms.  
  • In the case of the French terror event the US, France, England and other NATO allies are using the horrible killings to justify widening their already insane war in Syria.  The massive refugee crisis in Europe has largely been a result of the US-NATO wars on Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria.  I am convinced that the ultimate US-NATO goal is to widen the chaos even further which serves several wicked purposes: forces the public to support even more wars; creates even more military industrial complex profits which means more austerity cuts in human services; helps undercut the big protests (now looks like they have been banned) in Paris around the climate change summit; and ultimately consolidates power in the corporate dominated governments of the NATO war machine as we see even many left/liberal politicians now scrambling to prove they will be 'tough on terror'.  Hillary Clinton is just one example.
  • Turkey's shooting down of a Russian jet today raises the question about NATO (Turkey is a NATO member) possibly attempting to find a pretext to create a "No fly zone" across Syria (something Hillary Clinton has been advocating).  This would put Russia and NATO directly at odds and increase the possibility of a more direct war between them.
  • The recent energy blockade of Crimea and cutting the power lines by US-sponsored Ukrainian agents seems to be timed to increase the pressure on Russia at the same moment that the US-NATO are expanding their war to take down the Moscow supported Assad government in Syria.  The US-NATO is obviously working overtime to create as many points of instability as possible on or near the Russian border.  I would not at all be surprised to see the puppet government in Kiev (under full US control) again move to restart the war and shelling of Ukrainian citizens living in the Donbass (eastern Ukraine) along the Russian border. 
  • I've got much administrative work to get caught up with since being away.  As winter approaches here in Maine there is also much yet to do to prepare the house and outside for the coming snows.  I went out and brought in some wood today which is something I always enjoy doing. 

Turkey Shoots Down Russian Plane

Turkey shoots down Russian jet over Syria.  Russia claims the plane was one mile away from Turkish border when it was destroyed.  Turkey is a NATO member and some are speculating that they are trying to draw Russia into wider war on behalf of the west.
It's been well known for a long time that Turkey helps fund, shelter, train, and fund ISIS along with the US, Israel, Saudia Arabia and Jordan.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Real Story

Everything you know about Thanksgiving is wrong ft. Franchesca "Chescaleigh" Ramsey.
Posted by MTV on Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Sunday Song


Saturday, November 21, 2015

Tour of U.S. Space Warfare Bases: From Fylingdales to Croughton

US early warning radar and missile defense targeting base called Fylingdales way up in the Yorkshire Moors by day
Fylingdales by cold windy night (thankfully no rain). Ronald McDonald (on the right with the torch) joined this vigil telling us "I've come over to the other side."

Yesterday three of us drove from Leeds 90 minutes northeast to Fylingdales where we were joined by 10 others for a mile or so walk at 5:00 pm along the dark highway through the beautiful Moors to the US early warning radar and missile defense targeting base.

The half-moon lit sky, and a rare view of the stars, was a welcome sight as the rain did not fall on us and thankfully so because it was bitter cold and windy.  Three of the military police from inside the installation came out to hassle us a bit not wanting us to stand inside the entry road to the radar facility but there were no cars passing in or out so we insisted and after some debate with one of the long-time Quaker activists in our group they gave up and left us alone.

I was asked to share some words and I reminded the brave-hearted folks that they are not alone in this effort to expose the global nature of the US space domination program that has set up these installations in many out-of-the-way places around our spinning planet.  We need one another to help shine a light on these bases that all put together enable the Pentagon to wage fierce endless war on people who have usually done nothing more than live on top of vital resources that the greedy corporations want to control.

Early this morning Dave and I drove three hours south to another US space communications base - this one called Croughton.  We met nine activists in a small pub called the Black Bird for lunch and folks shared what they knew about the expanding mission of the Croughton base.  The activists came from various towns and villages in the Oxforshire region and are the first group each year to register their annual Keep Space for Peace Week event (held in early October) with us at the Global Network.

After lunch we drove around the base stopping at several key spots for a better view of the golf ball looking satellite dishes that are covered up so that you can't tell which direction they are directing their signals.  At the third spot we paused at US Air Force military police came driving up to the gate and followed us to the next place we stopped.  While at the last stop I told the MP's that I had myself been in the Air Force during the Vietnam War and became a peacenik during those years.

In front of Croughton main gate showing solidarity with friends in Sicily - both places doing US space warfare communications operations

At one of the stops we made around Croughton I was taken to the place in 2008 where I had helped the Lord Mayor of Oxford plant two oak trees.  Much to my surprise there was a plaque honoring that occasion fixed to an old wooden fence.

Following our three-hour drive back to Leeds I treated Dave to a fish & chips dinner at a local restaurant.  He's been kindly feeding me right on schedule during the past week and I figured I owed him one.

Take Down Syria?

What gives the US and NATO the right to decide who the leader of Libya or Syria should be?

What gives Obama and John Kerry the right to say 'Assad must go'?  What if Assad said 'Obama and Kerry should go'?

What do most people really know about Syria except what they've had drummed into their heads by the corporate owned media?